Zenith El Primero For Flagship Replica Series

Zenith El Primero series is the flagship series of Zenith, a symbol of the Zenith of 150 precise professional tabulation levels and unremitting pursuit of beauty. Mention Zenith, called it a tabulation a bit too much. In 1962, Zenith aspire to research and develop a are both complicated and small machine core, high-performance rich practical and should be high level rich beautiful sex in appearance, solve this problem eventually took seven years. And the production of each machine took an average of more than 300 skilled replica watches uk hands, use of 18 different kinds of metals, take nine months, completed more than 2500 procedures. “El Primero” in esperanto is the meaning of “first”, this movement hence was named “El Primero”, a symbol of its pioneering position.

Sex movement made the creation brand in the history of the first automatic timing chain codes, its accuracy in the world at the time. Later in the nearly 50 years, El Primero movement continue to improve, always keep the timing clock movement precision of the world’s leading position, movement is one of the few can measure 1/10th of a second time, won the most awards is one of the movement. Zenith El Primero series wrist watch is this movement.
This series of Zenith El Primero timing clock, not only inherited the accuracy of the brand, appearance also extremely industrial means restoring ancient ways. Larger and texture of the dial gauge diameter, precise and meticulous velocity calibration markings, class dashboard of sub dial arrangement pattern, combined with brown leather strap, all give industry tide restoring ancient ways.

All industrial embodiment of style restoring ancient ways is almost condensing on the dial these wrist watches, 42 mm diameter stainless steel watch case treated with frosted texture, combined with 12.75 mm thickness of the wrist watch is with industrial atmosphere. Wrist watch dial for charcoal gray “grind arenaceous engine” pattern, with three color timed lap. 3 respectively when the position of 30 minutes of lap, position the 12 hours of time at the age of 6 and 9 when the position of the small seconds. Ruthenium, facet and plating coating SuperLuminova SLNS C1 luminous cheap replica watches materials detected time scale and pointer according to the traditional distribution on the dial, 6 when the position has a calendar display window. The beauty of the dial through double arc anti-dazzle processing a list of sapphire crystal mirror, is now becoming clear.

Wrist watch crown adopt consistent with the case of pure steel quality, non-slip texture, coping with the Zenith five-star classic logo. Crown with timing start and pause button above, is equipped with timing zero button below.

Zenith El Primero timing clock natural carrying El Primero machine series, carrying these wrist watches is El Primero 400 B type automatic chain machine, machine core diameter of 30 mm, 6.6 mm thick. Successor in the movement of these wrist watches from Zenith 1969 research and development of the world’s most precise of El Primero movement, no matter when or timing, accurate and reliable. This movement can provide at least 50 hours of power storage, the design of the transparent sapphire crystal table back, will be decorated with “Geneva corrugated” pattern of thallium all present. Watch waterproof a depth of best replica watches 100 meters, not only to withstand daily showers and rain, also can wear watch swimming and snorkeling.
Conclusion: industry known as man’s style, style restoring ancient ways, along with the gender, it does not lose its wild style. This series of Zenith El Primero timing clock dial design of nostalgia, the brown leather strap of of primitive simplicity, simple direct timing button… All without exception shows its industrial style restoring ancient ways. Modelling good-looking is not enough, however, behind the modelling of rich texture, high accuracy and professional tabulation technology is the most worthy of place.

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