Piaget Became ONE European Cup Official Licensed Watches

October 17, 2015, in Nyon, Switzerland. Hublot and UEFA announced, following the 2012 European Championship, the brand will serve as the Champions League and European Cup official authorized to watch in the next three years. And cooperate with the world’s best club competition reflects the success of Hublot Replica Watches soccer sports strategy.

Today, Hublot Replica is proud to introduce a new fourth official board for the 2015-18 UEFA Champions League. Football match, the fourth official as board showing the players extra time and replacement information. Fourth official plate with a new optimized design, grip better meet the needs of ergonomics, the entire technical upgrade process, Hublot strictly fourth official weight control board, to avoid superfluous. Hublot integrate styling and characteristics of the Champions League, so that is not only practical, gift decency charm. 2015-16 Champions League playoff first leg will be held on August 18 started.

Meanwhile, Hublot Watches Sale has officially become the European Cup official licensed watches, and as inspiration to launch the European Cup Exclusive fourth official board. European Cup is the world’s largest professional football league club, then Hublot fourth official plate appearances all European Cup group stage game.

Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot, said: “The club can host the league and UEFA reached a partnership, in terms of Hublot is a great honor to join the previous event is presented Hublot and UEFA. part of a long-term partnership. The new design of the fourth official board fully reflects the characteristics of bilateral cooperation. ”

UEFA director of marketing Guy-Laurent Epstein Racing, said:. “Be glad to welcome Hublot Watches become the Champions League and Europa League officially licensed watches Hublot’s top club league with prestigious and exciting features perfectly fit the fourth official. board had boarded the stadium, we look forward to working design launched a new custom watch. “

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