Hublot globetrotting researchers-and stainless steel blue replica watch

First heard “the world” was released in 1991 by brother (Leslie cheung) and brother (chow yun fat) as “the world”, has a lot of classic drama and scene it is welcomed by everyone, soon became the classics. Vacheron constantin globetrotting researchers-and series already has a long history, many years ago, the series has been the pace of its creation. Vacheron constantin in 2016, adhering to the brand series of replica watches sale legendary classic “222 model” grab inspiration in the wrist, on the basis of the spirit and the attitude of the world travel, combined with a variety of exquisite craft, the creation of a new generation of globetrotting researchers-and series wrist watch, among them, there is the home of wrist watch editor today to introduce the simple charm of small blue disk wrist watch.

Vacheron constantin reshape its iconic classic series Overseas globetrotting researchers-and series. The vacheron constantin, introduced five new wrist watch (12) model are the principle of adhering to the leisure elegant and strong practical. They are all carrying brand produced machine core, including three new movement, is a new generation of display meter automatic chain of mind to travel. Among them, each new wrist best replica watch has a traditional brand globetrotting researchers-and the shadow of the “222 model”, is both a salute to the classic, is a big step of chronometer inheritance innovation.

41 mm diameter stainless steel watchcase, 11 mm thick. With the installation of magnetically soft iron and screw-plug crown, can protect the watches from the magnetic interference, walking to the precision of the escort. After polishing of stainless steel watchcase line is fluent, beautiful, may be connected together with chain/strap perfect, plus for the look of a wrist watch. Contracted by the rising sun wen satin crystal blue dial drawing processing, with a velvety smooth edge, through the dial can see a pointer on the blue reflection on the dial, wrist watch as a pool clear lakes, very beautiful. 18 k gold time scale, hour hand, minute hand with white luminous coating, myopia also can read the time in a dark environment, to ensure the best readability.

Stainless steel crown with non-slip texture design style, after polishing process, smooth lines smooth texture, feel is relatively good. Crown decorated with vacheron constantin Malta replica watches logo, for the wrist watch added the unique aesthetic feeling of the brand. As pure steel quality table ear the whole processing by the grinding process and very beautiful. Soft steel feeling good, connected with the chain/belt is natural, adds to the overall quality.

Use back through process design, can be directly observed movement of operation. Powered by vacheron constantin r&d and manufacturing of automatic chain 5100 mechanical movement, contains 172 parts, gem number 37, vibration frequency 28800 / hour (4 hz), with 22 k gold put tuo (emblazoned with a picture of the wind rose compass), double box (to keep a stable speed regulation institutions to receive power output) ensures that more than 60 hours of power storage, its waterproof level of 150 meters. Walking movement Geneva seal engraving of the certification, ensure the precision.

The watch is tie-in a dark blue rubber strap, connection of fine steel buckle. Has half Malta flag pin buckle decorated, beautiful and also added the security of the wrist watch, it is not easily slipped from the wrist. Wrist watch with three rubber, stainless steel, crocodile can replace straps/chains, this makes the wrist replica watch is very flexible, a joker. No matter where experience can enjoy comfortable wearing.

With Geneva seal Overseas globetrotting researchers-and set out new works will be set sail in the 21st century brand, classic contracted small blue disk sunshine, air, male glamour, three removable/replace strap/bracelet is also a feature of the new world.

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