Emile Chouriet Classic Contemporary Luxury Watches

Emile Chouriet table as members of the Association of Swiss watches in Geneva, the company is headquartered in Geneva timepiece capital. In recent years, Emile Chouriet Table uphold the Swiss Replica Watch industry watchmaking craftsmanship and meticulous, watchmaking spirit, by virtue of the company’s 300 years of temper from the profound historical and cultural heritage, combined with modern advanced processing technology, continuous innovation.

Emile Chouriet “contemporary luxury” series of watches impressive atmosphere, barrel-shaped appearance underlines noble, Emile Chouriet retains unique wing design flow line, soar like an eagle, assertive, domineering! Zhang outer shell with junction, breaking the traditional barrel-shaped cheap replica watch boring style, dynamic vibrant. Watch House today for everyone to bring a series of classic Emile Chouriet contemporary luxury Comment watch, watch the official model: 08.1138.G.

Dial delicate textures and barrel-shaped design perfect fusion, showing a classic European court of charm, the Renaissance civilization and nobility in this intersection elegant luxury in this cohesion. The entire table when exudes a sense of luxury Geneva meter class, stable and not boring, fashion and not frivolous. Here cohesion century classic, contemporary luxury in the show here!

The contemporary luxury watch Emile Chouriet, using the classic barrel-type watch design, a diameter of 39.4 * 37.2 mm, the watch case and bracelet all use of solid steel, used for the outer case tungsten steel ring design, not easy to be scratched, you can maintain a beautiful appearance moderate. The contemporary luxury watches, the crown is also used as a steel building, zigzag design, ensure that the watch tune convenient. Shanghai crown watch engraved with Emile Chouriet time classic Wings LOGO, increase the watch recognizable.

Watch bracelet is stainless steel material used to build, using classic three beads design, intermediate use for drawing processing, beautiful and stylish, and easy to scratch, both sides adopted a polished, smooth and bright. Watch disk using radiation pattern for the classic white design with blue steel hands designed to ensure the swiss replica watch reading simple clarity, watch the 12 o’clock position with wing classic LOGO Emile Chouriet Emile Chouriet name of Time and logo. Watch the 3 o’clock position with date display, simple and practical.

Emile Chouriet watches lugs are the most representative design watches, watches lugs, strap on the connecting portion bent slightly curved design, like an eagle fly wings, flying in the sky, to people with elegant, vibrant expression. Summary: Emile Chouriet is a trademark of Time wing soar royal scepter and a symbol of a common “intertwined” lugs are made all of its wing design of Time, a logo design which is also very personal Emile Chouriet.

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